Military Kids: Sometimes the Toughest Warriors

A Navy brat inspired a campaign to raise awareness for PTSD, in honor of her dad. Headed up by the folks at Military with PTSD, they’ve made it their mission to help kids share their stories about loving a wounded warrior through it all.


Organization Raising Money for Yard Signs for Veterans

One Tri-state organization wants to give signs that read “Combat veterans lives here: Please be courteous with fireworks” to over 2,500 area military vets.


Fireworks, Triggers, PTSD, and Veterans

Virtual 3D game for military vets returning home –, Tri-State, News, Weather, Sports

Together Strong provides 3D virtual human contact for those real-life issues veterans face when they return home.


I Ruined My Marriage, and You Will To

I Ruined My Marriage, and You Will

Yes, I fully admit I ruined my marriage. And mark my words: I promise every one of you reading this: You will ruin yours, too! This website will give reasons.

I know, I know, it’s one bold statement, but first read on so I can explain. See if by the end you don’t agree.

Justin and I had known each other for about 17 years when we decided to get married. By the time we got married we were best friends, head over heels in love with each other, and on Cloud 9. We knew each other inside and out. Our friends and family all commented on how happy we were together.

Justin was still in the Navy when we said our I Do’s with a year and a half to serve before he could come home. I’m a realist, so I knew when he came home it would take some time to get used to living together and being married. What I didn’t expect was my husband to return home injured with post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a separate story in and of itself. But still, I was confident we could overcome anything so long as we were together. And I was right; but yet so wrong, I even took Justin along with me for couples counseling orange county to save our marriage. Sometimes it becomes especially difficult to understand each other in relationship, but you can try to save your marriage with a weekend intensive. To learn more check out African American marriage retreats 2019.


My Different Kind of Better

military family mental health 2014USC’s Military Family Mental Health Campaign

By: Shawn J. Gourley

I’ve already been the military spouse. But now I’m a new kind of spouse; I’m the spouse of a veteran with PTSD. Being a new kind of spouse means I have to change a lot of things in my life, but mostly it means that I have to change my expectations about what “better” looks like.

I swear people think because they came home from war alive, life should go on as normal. But it doesn’t. In reality my war has just begun. I had no training, and no one told me what this would entail. Being the wife of a wounded warrior makes life anything but normal. All of the sudden we deal with nightmares,  flashbacks, not being able to be  in large crowds, always being on alert, anger, and aggression because  our warrior’s brain has been changed. It has been changed due to injury, not because they went crazy. They return to us a different person than the one we sent away. Outsiders don’t understand, and many will tell us to leave. We hear things like, “You don’t deserve to be treated like that!” or “You just need to leave and better your life.”  We know it’s because they don’t understand, but most don’t care either. I could’ve taken that advice and left at any point in time, but what would that say about who I am? I’m not a quitter; it’s not in my genes. The warfighter mentality has rubbed off on me.


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