2015 – 2017 Financials

With our Federal Lawsuit now concluded and the court entering judgement on the court case, we can now post our Financials. The combined 2015 -2017 Financials give a very detailed breakdown of income and cost. We will also be posting each year individually as we have recently amended our 2015 tax return due to erroneously including In-Kind Donations in our income.


Contributions                                                         61,714*

Program Income                                                    40,382*

Other Income                                                            1046

Total Income                                                      $103,142

*The Explosion of Kindness income consists of contributions totaling $26,068, as well as $38,104 from Program Income. Program income includes sales from the military branch signs, shipping revenue, as well as the revenue from the 1,438 signs that were part of the Get a sign; Give a sign in June of 2015. In relation to the expenses for this program; the cost of shipping the signs to veterans is paid for from the Program income revenue, while contributions pay for the cost of printing the signs.




Program Expenses                                                79,319

Fundraising Expenses                                            4,683

Admin Expenses                                                     47,229

Total Expenses                                                   $131,231

Expenses in Excess of Income                    (-28,089)*

Net Assets Beginning of Year                               554

Net Assets End of Year                               $(-27,535)

Total Liabilities                                                    $30,040*

*Below is a detailed breakdown of how the funds were used in relation to Programs, Fundraising, and Admin (Management) cost. From 2015 -2017 Military with PTSD has operated at a loss. Shawn and Justin have personally loaned a total of over $30,000 to Military with PTSD in the last 2 years. It was due to those loans that Military with PTSD was able to remain operational, especially over the course of the Federal Lawsuit. Also, please note that there is no payroll listed below. We here at Military with PTSD are all volunteers.






Thanks in large part to bulk orders, we have been able to keep the total cost of shipping lower than it would have been if we had sent out the same number of signs individually.