Source of Funds

Contributions                                                       20,235

Program Income                                                   25,899

Other Income                                                              884

Total Income                                                       $47,018


The $2,393.00 difference between Income and Expenses for Explosion of Kindness is inventory on hand that has not been shipped out the door at the end of the year. If you look below you can see that printing cost (signs) in the Explosion of Kindness program was $9,790 for the year 2015. However, the actual cost we paid out to print the signs in 2015 was $11,666.44. In accrual accounting, the cost does not get counted as an expense until the inventory item is shipped or delivered.




Program Expenses                                                   37,472

Fundraising Expenses                                                3551

Admin Expenses                                                          3,655

Total Expenses                                                        $44,678

Income in Excess of Expenses                               2340*

Net Assets Beginning of Year                                  554

Net Assets End of Year                                          $2,894

Total Liabilities                                                           $4,857