Justin Gourley – President

Justin Gourley

Justin Gourley served four years in the United States Navy aboard the USS George Washington. He has worked diligently alongside his wife, Shawn, to found and help operate Military with PTSD since August 2010, when it was launched as a Facebook page only. He has a special talent for helping communicate with other veterans and hopes to help them improve their lives. Justin is the President Military with PTSD. The Board president shall lead the Board of Directors in performing its duties and responsibilities, including, if present, presiding at all meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall perform all other duties incident to the office or properly required by the Board of Directors. Contact justin@militarywithptsd.com Read more here.

Shawn J. Gourley – Treasurer/Executive Director

Shawn J. Gourley

Shawn Gourley is the co-founder of Military with PTSD. She has consulted with doctors at the National Center for PTSD and is a caregiver to her husband, a disabled veteran, Justin Gourley. Shawn values time with her family above all else–camping, dancing with her kids on the Xbox 360, or just having a good laugh. Shawn, like so many other spouses, was trying to figure out and navigate life with PTSD when she started Military with PTSD to launch her free mini-book. But as it grew, the veterans and families Shawn was working with became her Purpose.

Before the incorporation of Military with PTSD as a non-profit organization, she developed and has run the programs that are now being extended and more fully realized by the Military with PTSD non-profit. Shawn will be the Vice President of Military with PTSD Inc. until the corporation is big enough to fill this position. At that time she will step down from the Board of Directors and work exclusively as the Executive Director of Military with PTSD Inc. The presentation, publication, and program development activities shall initially be conducted by Shawn J. Gourley, co-founder of the organization. Shawn has been deemed the best individual suited for carrying out such activities due to her professional background and experience. Contact shawn@militarywithptsd.com Read more here.


Trina Plante – Secretary

Trina Plante

Trina Plante has been married to her best friend for over 16 years, and they have two great boys together. Her husband is now medically retired, but he was AD Army for almost 14 years, plus 4 years Guards before that. Three deployments for a total of 39 months took their toll on him,Trina, and their boys. With the help of their family and friends, therapy, and each other, they are making progress with daily life. Trina does a lot of research online and various other resources, so most of what she has learned has been self-taught, but she battled through depression during her teenage years, so she does have some personal experience with mental health issues. Just before her husband retired, he was in the WTB, and she helped start-up and organize ‘Welcome’ packages for returning injured single soldiers, supplying basic items such as sheets, blankets, hygiene products, and snacks. Before that, Trina volunteered with her son’s Cub Scout troop on post. She tried to stay active as a low-key, quiet presence, working in the background to make sure things got done–single soldiers getting packages while deployed, helping her husband with various things, and just being an open line for other spouses. Aside from her family, she keeps herself busy with photography, writing, camping, mudding, bowling, darts, and traveling. She is thankful that her husband understands her need for downtime when she takes day trips or short overnighters. These trips are hard because neither of them are comfortable being away from each other. She looks forward to a time when he is comfortable enough to travel with her, but in the meantime she takes plenty of pictures and adds these to their “to see” list. Her biggest hope for him is that someday he’ll be comfortable in his own skin again. She will do everything in her power to help him get there. Trina looks forward to sharing her knowledge as a member of the Board of Directors, and she hopes that like everyone else in the Military with PTSD community, she will learn a thing or two from other members as well. Contact trina.plante@militarywithptsd.com


Yolanda Santiago – Chair of the Board

Yolanda Santiago …