Courteous with Fireworks?

Many have seen the pictures going around Facebook and other Social Media sites, but what does it mean to “Please Be Courteous with Fireworks?”



To begin with, we aren’t talking about the 4th of July. We know there will be fireworks and expect it on the 4th. Us as veterans have the responsibility to prepare ourselves for that day or go elsewhere away from the Fireworks. It is Independence day, a day of celebrating and Fireworks are a long-standing tradition. No veteran who served this country wants to stop Fireworks or take away anyone’s freedom that we served to protect. So please enjoy yourself and set off all the Fireworks you want!

But what this sign represents and is asking for is on the days leading up to the 4th of July and then the following days if you set off fireworks in your neighborhood to please just give us a courteous heads up. Many of us veterans are fine with fireworks when we know they are coming, many of us would probably come out and join you. The problem is with the unexpected fireworks, the ones we don’t know are coming.

Imagine sitting and watching a movie with your family and out of nowhere you hear a firework burst near your house. Most people would be startled, but many times as veterans we will hear that sound and we are pushing our family on the ground and covering them trying to protect them. It is not a fun experience for anyone. Our spouses can tell you some stories, trust me!

We hear of many veterans who leave their home to go camping for days at a time because we never know when someone will set off the next firework. Being courteous isn’t about stopping your fun or taking freedoms. All we are asking for is a courteous heads up on all the other days except the July 4th.

If you would like to get a sign, you can make a contribution to Military with PTSD by clicking HERE to receive a Firework Sign by July 4th.

Any veteran wanting to sign up for a FREE sign we are still taking names for those to be sent out after July 4th 2015, and will send them out throughout the year as we get more signs. To get on the list for the free sign as they are available please click HERE




  1. Thank you for educating me!!! This makes such perfect sense – I just never thought of it before.

  2. it’s illegal to set off fireworks on any other day of the year anyways. This seems a bit silly

  3. I have severe combat related PTSD. I also have a service dog that alerts me to imminent panic attacks. She also has problems with the fireworks. My hardest days are New Years Eve, July 4th, and every Friday during baseball season as my home AAA club shoots off fireworks after every Friday night game.

  4. It’s a great idea, I’ve lived with the problem of fire works for years, had my family down me, call me nuts, crazy, for not going to the lake, or other forth of July outings. I do not be grudge others from being able to celebrate this wonderfull day. But it’s always took me back to times I dread. I’ve been known to have to find some place to hide, or find cover, and panic…. Even after 50 years, it has effect on my old brain, causing extra panic and other discomforts, after a night of fire works,,, PTSD is not fun to live with… Please care for those dealing with it…. For the family,,just support your vet,,, God Bless Them All…..

  5. I never received my sign whats up who do i contact about that

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