FAQ-Explosion of Kindness

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FAQ-Explosion of Kindness

  • Fireworks are a tradition on July 4th, why would a veteran want to stop people from celebrating our Freedom? The intent of the signs has never been to stop Fireworks. That is not what this program is about. Veterans who served this country do not want to stop Fireworks or take away anyone’s freedom. That is what they served to protect. So please enjoy yourself and set off all the Fireworks you want! Being courteous isn’t about stopping your fun or taking away any of your freedoms.

  • How can someone be courteous with fireworks? What this sign represents and is asking for is on the days leading up to the 4th of July and then the following days if you set off fireworks in your neighborhood to please just give us a courteous head’s up.


  • Isn’t the date July 4th enough of a heads up? To begin with, we aren’t talking about the 4th of July. It is Independence day, a day of celebrating and Fireworks are a long-standing tradition. We know there will be fireworks and expect it on the 4th. Us as veterans have the responsibility to prepare ourselves for that day or go elsewhere away from the Fireworks. Again, this is for the days leading up to the 4th and the day after.


  • I thought veterans would love fireworks? Many of us veterans are fine with fireworks when we know they are coming, many of us would probably come out and join you. It is true a lot of us love stuff that blows up. The problem is with the unexpected fireworks; the ones we don’t know are coming. Imagine sitting and watching a movie with your family and out of nowhere, you hear a firework burst near your house. Most people would be startled, but many times as veterans we will hear that sound and we are pushing our family on the ground and covering them trying to protect them. It is not a fun experience for anyone. Our spouses can tell you some stories, trust me!


  • Couldn’t veterans just use headphones or go elsewhere? Yes, they could, and for the 4th of July many veterans do just that. Yet, it is the days leading up to the 4th and away from the 4th that this sign is asking people to be courteous. While we are not asking anyone to alter their plans or tiptoe around veterans, keeping veterans in the community and not hiding for a week or longer is the goal. When veterans have to run or hide, this practice is called avoidance. These signs are a tool to confront avoidance and face the issue. The veterans who decide to use these signs are letting people know, I’m not hiding, I am not weak, I am facing it and I won’t let my issue win or force me into hiding. The communities can help by being respectful and just giving a courteous heads up.


  • Does this sign mean the veteran has been diagnosed with PTSD? No, we do not verify medical records. To receive a sign absolutely free of charge and sent out free, we require verification of military service. Across the bottom, it says militarywithptsd.org, that is our organization name and website.


  • Some say this sign makes veterans look bad? Everyone has different views on this sign. When people fear that something makes them look bad, or they fear what others will say or think, that is shame talking. At Military with PTSD, we confront the issue of PTSD head on. No longer will we allow shame to rule us. We will face it and work together with the community to help veterans return to life after serving our country.


  • If the signs are Free why does it charge me for shipping? The signs are free and we have a sign-up list for any veteran who would like a free sign. Some veterans who can afford to cover the cost of shipping do so so that they can receive their sign by July 4th.


  • I signed up a while back but haven’t received my sign? There may be a couple of reasons for this. We are still sending signs out. For the free signs, we have had a waiting list of over 3,000 veterans. We send them out throughout the year as we receive donations. Currently, we are working on sending many of those on the waiting list out. Feel free to send us a message and we can tell you how close you are to having one sent to you. The other reason may be that we still need verification of service. To receive a free sign we have to make sure that every person we are giving one to has served in the military.

If you would like a sign, please click HERE




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