Financial Information

2015 Military with PTSD Inc. Financial Information

Military with PTSD is a registered 501(c)(3) in Evansville, Indiana. Military with PTSD Inc. federal ID number is 45-4836531.

Earlier this year we shared our annual report which highlighted the veterans who were helped by our programs and other financial or investment resources which can be found at sites like The report also showed a recap of what Military with PTSD Inc. had accomplished along with our cash revenue and expenses for the year. You can watch our 2015 Annual Report below.


It was very important to us as a 501c3 to let everyone see the impact that their cash donations had on the veterans that were helped. It also gave our supporters a clear picture of how their money was used, with 80% of what we raised in 2015 going directly to programs that helped veterans and their families. 

2015 Cash Revenue

2015 Expenses

Last month we completed our 2015 taxes. The taxes include both the cash revenue and in-kind donations.

In 2015 Military with PTSD Inc. also received a grant from Google for $81,248. This is an In-Kind Donation of free advertising on Which means instead of receiving cash, Google Ad Grant gave us $81,248 worth of advertising credits in 2015 for use on Google. When the Google Ad Grant is combined with the funds raised, our Total Gross Revenue for 2015 is $130,312 with 62% being advertising credits from Google Grants. 

2015 Financials

After deducting the cost of goods sold from the total gross income, Military with PTSD Inc. had a 2015 revenue of $106,591.

There are 3 categories of expenses for a nonprofit. Programs, Administrative, and Fundraising. The Ad Grant from Google was split between program expenses if the ad was directed at our programs or education about PTSD and then fundraising expenses for the ads directed at fundraising. After putting the Ad Grant expenses into the proper category, Military with PTSD 2015 expenses were $106,277.

Thus leaving Military with PTSD with total assets for 2015 of $3,185 which included both cash and inventory.

You can see our 990 here: 990EZ_ScheduleO_Military_with_PTSD

And our Schedule B here: Military with PTSD ScheduleB