Fireworks, Triggers, PTSD, and Veterans

Military with PTSD and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are raising awareness about an unintended consequence of Fourth of July fireworks. The news clip above does a fantastic job explaining fireworks, triggers, PTSD, and veterans reactions.

On July 1st, 2014, Army Veteran Jon Dykes posted a picture to the Military with PTSD Facebook page during a discussion about how veterans cope with Fireworks and the triggers caused by unexpected loud bangs.  Shawn Gourley, Co-Founder of Military with PTSD, asked Jon if it would be alright to share his pictures. 24 hours later, Military with PTSD and Dykes found out USA TODAY had just published a story (below) covering the now viral firework sign post.

Veteran asks for courtesy with holiday fireworks

A reminder of war’s lasting effect flashed across social medial today as a the photo of a veteran holding a poster expressing concerns about fireworks and the emotional trigger of nearby explosions spawned an outpouring of reaction.

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For the next 4 days, Jon Dykes and the sign he created along with Military with PTSD were the focus of news stories across the Nation.
Military with PTSD is raising donations to print and distribute signs for next year, so they can be given out free to vets all over the country. Please consider giving and helping veterans across the country deal with PTSD and fireworks.

$10.00 can give 2 veterans a free firework sign.

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  1. was filling out form for a sign only to see that apparently other sufferers from PTSD don’t rate unless they are military. Former police officer suffering from the same horrible symptoms [100% disabled], was going to alter the sign to fit but i’ll make my own sign. No problem. Thank you. Best of wishes to all those with PTSD during the upcoming firework display holiday.

  2. How do I, a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran (PTSD/Major Depressive Disorder), and my young Former Marine neighbor (Iraq/Afghanistan, TBI/PTSD) get these signs? It would be nice not to have to off my redneck neighbors who think that July 4th started May 30th.

  3. How can I get one for my brother asap?

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