Team_We_Military_with_PTSDSeeing it from Both Sides program is an online community for military families affected by PTSD. The social media page is for veterans, spouses, and all caretakers to learn about and understand PTSD from others through both peer support and peer education.

Military With PTSD was started by Shawn J. Gourley in Aug. 2010 as a place to launch her book “The War At Home.” Shawn wanted to help spouses prepare for when the soldiers came home and give them a understanding of what could really happen. But as the page grew it has turned into a support group for everyone who is affected by PTSD. Our vision is to raise awareness and help support members of the armed services and veterans with PTSD, as well as their caregivers and family members. We help others learn about healthy coping methods and treatments and provide peer-to-peer support. The knowledge shared is each person’s personal experience living with PTSD.