IRS Forms and Founding Documents


Military with PTSD is dedicated to helping families connect despite PTSD. Our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS means that we can more effectively put resources to work for our members. The documents listed below are our initial application for 501(c)(3) status, the accompanying narrative, and disclosure of our financial records. Because we are a new non-profit organization (approved in July 2014), and our application process was initiated in 2012 making our effective date retro active to February 26, 2012, you may notice some changes between what is described in our paperwork and what our reality reflects currently. For example, our mission statement has changed as have some of the initial and second members of our Board of Directors over the years. What hasn’t changed is our determination to do our best for our military members with PTSD and their caregivers and families. All of these documents are publicly available from the IRS also.  

Justin Gourley, CEO and President, Military with PTSD


Military with PTSD Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Indiana.

Indiana initial filing: View Articles of Incorporation

Indiana Amendment to Articles of Incorporation: View Amendment


IRS Forms for Military with PTSD

IRS Form 1023 Application for Military with PTSD Inc.: View

You can view Military with PTSD attachment to our IRS form 1023 application by clicking:  View

Military with PTSD Financial Data 2012-2014 (March): View Data

 IRS 501(c)(3) Notices

Military with PTSD’s federal ID number for donations is 45-4836531. View IRS Determination Letter

Exempt Organizations Annual Reporting Requirements – Annual Electronic Notice (Form 990-N) for Small Organizations: Public Access

The type of Form 990 series return a public charity must file is generally determined by the organization’s gross receipts and total assets.

Public charities generally file either a:
Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax,
Form 990-EZ, Short Form Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, or,
Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (e-Postcard) for Tax-Exempt Organizations not Required To File Form 990 or 990-EZ,

How will the public get access to information on the e-Postcard?

To search for organizations that have filed an e-Postcard and to view their filings, see Exempt Organizations Select Check. You can also download the entire database of e-Postcard filings on that site. The form must be completed and filed electronically. There is no paper form.

Military with PTSD 2013 Annual Financial Reporting: View 990-N