Our Apologizes

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Our Apologizes

As most of you know, we are a very small operation. As we only have 4 of us volunteering full-time here at Military with PTSD Inc. We have recently tried to set up an RSS feed to capture the different news articles about the Veteran Firework Signs, thinking it would make it easier on us while we continue to work away at getting the rest of the Veteran Firework Signs sent out.

Unfortunately we are not tech savvy enough here at Military with PTSD Inc. and inadvertently imported the news feed multiple times resulting in a mass amount of emails being sent due to the auto generate blog articles from news stories. We never meant to spam those of you who signed up to follow our blog.

We have since disabled the RSS feed which should discontinue the auto generate of blog post.

Please accept our apologizes. We are truly sorry for this and please let us know if we did not disable it correctly and it continues to happen.




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