Shawn J. Gourley Explosion of Kindness and PTSD

We are still going in the extended campaign. We have until May 15th to raise the $5,000 needed to give 2,500 veterans a free sign.


“ chatted with Shawn J. Gourley of Military with PTSD about their campaign on GlobalGiving and their amazing Explosions with Kindness project. You can find more information about this in the USA Today article at…

Visit their GlobalGiving campaign at:



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  1. I never understood what was going on and when I finally did& tried to get his medical eligibility and help he was denied, denied, denied. After 9 months of finally quality for a psychological help he was dead 9 months ago. And now what do I do without my best friend and soulmaate. Please help, no one else cares. Sincerely, Marie

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