Combat Vet

Combat Vet 

By: Brandi Green

A year overseas, pulling guard, fighting for everything back home, avenging every fallen brother, this is the life they’ve come to know.

The day has come, to go back home, who would have known another battle has just begun. It creeps up slowly disguised as a selfish man. Never changing diapers or cleaning up the house. An argument that gets to heated or when he stops interacting and just sits around watching TV. But It progresses so quickly and you begin to get angry and eventually it tricks you into resenting your brave man.

Why is he so selfish, lazy and so mean? This isn’t the man who stole your heart away. Someone cuts them off in traffic, he looses it in a fit of rage. Diving into a bottle or feeling numb with the pills from the VA.

The kids won’t stop crying and he can’t stop himself from screaming. No more laughing tickling or playing, daddy just sits in silence or yells and walks away. He’s having flashbacks now and everything reminds him of the battle grounds he knew to well. Why can’t he control himself punching and throwing everything in sight?

His children become afraid and his marriage is torn to shreds. He begins to loose emotion preparing himself to loose again, he puts a wall of steel and pushes his family away. Why is being a civilian harder then fighting for your life. He couldn’t wait to come back home but now nothing but war feels familiar. He was trained to be a U.S. soldier, but never taught how to shut it off. Is this our life now, or will it ever go away. When PTSD takes over the life of of your combat vet.

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