Senator Feinstein PTSD is not a “new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War.”

Sen-John-CornynDear Senator Feinstein:

I am writing in response to your remarks made to Senator Cornyn on March 7, 2013 during the Senate Judiciary Committee discussing assault weapons bans. I was very alarmed at some of the comments you made regarding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), largely due to the inaccuracy of your statements. If you are going to kill an amendment to your gun ban legislation that would exempt our veterans from owning certain firearms for personal protection based on “The advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War,” then I urge you to actually learn about this condition. I am the co-founder of Military with PTSD, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about PTSD, including veterans, caretakers, and civilians, such as yourself, and I would like to clarify a few points with you.


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