Veteran Suicides

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Veteran Suicides


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It’s alarming to know on average 22 military veterans commit suicide every day.

That translates to roughly 8,000 veterans a year committing suicide. And that’s only with 16 states reporting data.

An Evansville organization is hoping to make an impact and stop the statistics.

Just two weeks ago, 23-year-old Army veteran and Evansville native, Robert Moroney, committed suicide after he returned from a two-year tour in the Middle East.

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“I think he just got so used to being alone,” said Gina Hayes. β€œHe didn’t want to burden anyone. He always said he was going to be a soldier.”

That feeling of being alone is exactly what Shawn Gourley and the people at Military with PTSD want to eliminate.

“Whenever you put it in those numbers, it’s hard to imagine,” said Gourley.

Military with PTSD continues to advance the way veterans and their families receive care.

“With that number there, there’s a lot of work to be done,” Gourley concluded.

To learn more about Military with PTSD, visit their Facebook page.



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