You Know You Have PTSD When…

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You Know You Have PTSD When…

You Know You Have PTSD When…


1. When you have an escape plan for every possible thing that could go wrong, including earthquake and zombie invasion.


2. When you do your grocery shopping at 3am at the all night store because it’s not very busy then and you’re not sleeping anyway.


3. Anyone trying to wake you up does so with a broom so they can drop it and run like hell.


4. It’s 5am and you decide you better to go to bed before it gets too late.


5. It isn’t a question of whether or not you have a weapon nearby, it’s how many and what kind.


6. You go to the store to buy a note pad so you can make lists and not forget things, get to the store, and forget what the heck you went there for.


7. Your house is locked down tighter than Fort Knox.


8. Most of your best friends are people from online.


9. “Triggers”, “Flashbacks”, and “Perps” have become the predominate words in your vocabulary.


10. When someone mentions they’re on antidepressants and you say “oh, really? Which one?” and then tell them all the side effects they should be looking out for.


11. You consider good human contact as having an object between you and them and they can’t get near you.




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